Dienstag, Februar 24, 2015

[jttfi] I'm really good at this!

A quick Inkscape sketch of How-not-to-do-things.
I am really good at this. (ald)
Featuring Orange.

Donnerstag, Februar 19, 2015


Eine kleine Rattenstudie mit Krita und Wacom Intuos.

Mittwoch, Februar 18, 2015


Nochmal mit anderem Blau.

Eine weitere kleine Roboterstudie mit Krita und Wacom Intuos (ald)

Dienstag, Februar 17, 2015

Illustrationsstudien mit Krita

Entwurf des Protagonisten für einen englischsprachigen Schundroman
mit dem Arbeitstitel 'Day Job'. (ald)

Roboterkritzelei. (ald)

Dienstag, Februar 10, 2015

[jttfi] Like Wolverine

"Like Wolverine" (ald)
Inkscape (0.91) and Wacom Intuos 5

Just trying to fit in

A couple of days ago I doodled with Inkscape and my Wacom tablet, and created a monster. Quite accidentally it seemed. What's more, the monster talked to a dachshund and shouted "I created monsters!" as if it was the only one and had to put on the mad scientist's coat and work on weird experiments in some underground facility to create itself some companions.

So, I sketched out a few characters and a background story and decided to give it a go.

I'm not sure if or when I will continue the Lost Socks web-comic, because right now, I'm just trying to fit in and the loveable green monster is ... well, a loveable green monster. Ain't we all?

Freitag, Februar 06, 2015


Cartoon - Inkscape mit Grafiktablett (ald)